Let’s push water to its highest potential. Specially designed for tall buildings, our booster systems deliver steady, reliable water pressure in hotels and high-rise buildings all over the world. The systems can also be used for water distribution, reverse osmosis, water purification and filtration, as well as for light industrial applications. Combining market-leading products with system design expertise, our solutions help you cut energy costs while reducing maintenance and life cycle costs of ownership. So let’s solve your booster system challenge.

Everybody knows how unpleasant it is if water pressure is varying. During the day, the total amount of water consumption changes, but the pressure should always be constant. Traditionally this problem was solved by vessels and pressure switches. Such systems are still in use; however they are very inefficient and waste precious energy. The HYDROVAR controls the speed of the pumps depending upon the flow demand. Pressure losses in the pipeline are compensated automatically.

Xylem Portugal delivers the H20 at H2otel

Application: Residential Building Creating the four-star H2otel in Unhais da Serra, has been for Xylem Portugal a unique project. The site is located in an historic glacial valley in the Serra da Estrela , which has been known for its thermal properties for centuries. The valley sits at 2460 ft, and late in the 19th

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Riverfront residential development in Moscow

Country of reference: Russia Xylem products are meeting the high demands of a high-rise residential complex in Moscow. The riverfront Scarlet Sails complex is ranked among the ten tallest buildings in the city, and Xylem Residential and Commercial Water operation was commissioned to provide pumping solutions for heating, air-conditioning, and hot and cold water systems in

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Xylem Lowara pumps deliver the height of performance in the world’s tallest building

Application: Residential Building There is one thing that Xylem shares with the greatest engineering innovators, and that is continuous investment into new product development. This can been seen at the spectacular development of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – the world’s tallest manmade structure. Xylem Lowara is at the heart of the latest technology in

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